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Gansen RV Storage

Top 10 Reasons to consider RV Storage...

  1. There is no better way to protect your investment than with secure inside storage.  In the recent years we've had several customers unknowingly become victims of storage crimes.  In most cases not only were items stolen but these criminals made use of their leisure time and vandalized in the process.  Only our employees have access to our facility, no one else, no exceptions.

  2. The damaging rays of the winter sun can be extremely harmful to the caulk, seals and it ages the exterior of the coach the same way it ages your skin.

  3. Don't worry about the weight of winter on the roof of your RV.

  4. Stop fighting that dreadful RV cover which is expensive to start with, doesn't really fit that great, is extremely hard to put on, and if not secured properly can easily damage the exterior.

  5. Whether your coach is brand new or a few years old you should always be concerned about the possibilities of water intrusion. (Unfortunately the majority of these issues are discovered after the spring thaw or just before your season's first outing.)

  6. No need to tromp through the snow and check on the condition of your coach during the winter months.

  7. Protecting your investment gives you piece of mind that your RV will more likely retain its book value come trade time.

  8. Our storage facility has never had a pest problem and offers better piece of mind than setting it next to the farm equipment.  No need to wonder how many mice are camping out in your coach.

  9. We offer a Premium Storage Package based on the length of your camper with flexible payment options. The Premium Package includes Storage, Winterize & De-Winterize, Healthy Roof Inspection with a full condition report, rubber roof wash and seal and an exterior wash and wax. 

  10. We take pride in caring for your investment.  Just set it and forget it.

 It has been a pleasure offering storage solutions to our customers.

 Our newest building was erected from the ground up in an impressive 9 days.